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About us

John Aum has over 40 years of experience in the field of construction , where he has completed numerous large scale residential, commercial, hospitality, and other specialty projects.

He currently serves as President of Samwon Construction. Mr. Aum found his passion and drive for construction when he was first entrusted to build his parents’ house in 1973 while he was still in college. This passion led him to start his first company which focused on metal framing work.

From there on, he continued to build upon his work and experience. Prior to the establishment of Samwon Construction, Mr. Aum supervised the construction of a department store, several major high-rise buildings, and completed well over 2,000 apartment units, as well as construction of multiple golf courses. As he continued to work on large scale projects, one of his achievements was connecting major gas lines between cities with governmental subcontracts, including the Incheon International Airport, the largest and busiest airport of South Korea. As a believer in developing innovative projects and pushing new boundaries, he also enabled the mass adoption of gas water-heaters in South Korea by directly working to deregulate the import of foreign-made gas water-heaters.

Mr. Aum formed Samwon Construction where he has worked with for as many as 10 years in Los Angeles, California. In the following years, he created and Samwon Development. Mr. Aum provides his clients with a diverse style of construction on the developing properties with his years of solid professional experience. He continues to pursue innovative projects and use of new technology & materials in order to create a new generation of ideal projects. John Aum ventured to form a company that develops, sells, and manages various properties principally in the state of California. Since 2005, Samwon Construction has completed numerous buildings including residential homes, commercial complexes, and sports facilities with an awareness of green energy and sustainability. In the most recent years, Samwon Development was founded in 2014, which coordinates investment properties and nurtures prospective projects.



Samwon Construction and Samwon Design team operates in all aspects and phases of a project. Therefore, the company commits and executes each project  by providing clients with the highest quality, most cost-effective, and time efficient process in the implementation of projects.


The overall company’s philosophy strives primarily on expanding long term investments with solid values in a conscientious way of life while also focusing on developing a culturally significant locality and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.