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Experience With a New Concept

As developable land in Los Angeles metropolitan area becomes increasingly limited, more sites and structures are being repurposed with a new direction.

Achieving this successfully calls for a vision of what can be and a distinct ability to identify opportunities for salvaging elements of an existing structure so as to minimize new construction. SAMWON has extensive experience in addressing the unique challenges inherent in a redevelopment project. We possess a special talent for bringing a customer’s vision to life, transforming obsolete structures into dynamic contemporary spaces.

Maximizing Value

From demolition to brownfields remediation to maintaining the integrity of historical architecture, SAMWON has the expertise to identify sensitive issues and develop creative solutions that allow our customers to incorporate as much of an existing site and structure as possible to reduce expenditures and conserve resources.

These projects, which include renovating, upgrading and updating existing buildings, are also an excellent opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to showcase their commitment to making a positive impact on our region’s environment. Moreover, significant increases in the cost of construction materials and land prices can make an adaptive reuse project a smart economic decision. SAMWON’s expertise helps businesses make the most of this win-win proposition.

The Details Create The Big Picture

development2It’s the details that count. Because when they are given a backseat, they inevitably move up front and can overtake the direction of a project. So, at SAMWON Construction Services, we know to pay close attention to the little things that could have a big impact on the successful completion of your project. And, of course, when you focus on the details, the big picture inevitably takes shape as you had envisioned it.

A Collaborative Approach

When brought in at the ground level of a project, our approach focuses on creating a collaborative, integrated group – with owner, architect, construction manager, engineers and subcontractors all working together from the start. This facilitates communication, which is a core component of our construction philosophy, and ensures that there will be no surprises at the end of your project. Throughout the process, you will be fully aware of alternatives available to you, as well as any related modifications to the project cost or schedule. History has taught us that this approach is the most effective way to assure quality, optimize efficiencies and control costs.