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With certified experts in steel structure, welding, concrete, carpentry and masonry, the SAMWON Construction Services team has successfully completed a wide breadth of projects, ranging from Class A offices to industrial warehouses. Our construction team is among the best in the business. As a result of their experience and expertise, unforeseen issues that can arise during construction are minimized, as is their impact on schedule and budget.

This team is complemented by our many longstanding partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers in Los Angeles  area who provide us with competitive pricing and outstanding service. These relationships, some with a 12-year history, also ensure that all construction team members embrace SAMWON’s standards of quality and service.

In addition, SAMWON also has well-established relationships with county planners, reviewers and inspectors, which can help expedite the permit and inspection process. With this experience and excellent reputation in the marketplace comes outstanding cooperation to achieve each project’s schedule and budget.


314031356_0-frThe difference can be measured by the satisfaction people feel when their home is specifically constructed in accordance to their wishes.   This provides clients with a sense of belonging in the home, even before they move in.   Clients of SAMWON Construction Group, Inc. can be assured that their home is of the utmost quality.   Each home and building is treated with care in every stage of the construction process to ensure the best possible results.   In addition to new home construction, SAMWON Construction Group, Inc. provides Commercial Tenant Improvements, Insurance Loss Restoration and   Remodeling services.   Owner satisfaction is the number one priority at SAMWON Construction Group, Inc.   Customers should feel proud of their home or Office and feel satisfied that they received the best   service possible.

SAMWON Construction is a General contractor , Design-Build  and Construction Company.

Founded in June 2005 by it’s   President  & Owner  John  Aum

SAMWON Construction provides excellence in a full spectrum of pre-construction, program management, design development, construction, interior design management, inspection and quality control services.

SAMWON Construction has retained an enduring core of executive management, senior managers, and value driven professionals for over 10 years. SAMWON Construction continues to deliver the Best Value in building services by placing experienced construction professionals on every project undertaken.